Saturday, June 16, 2012


WORK. The very word seems so dismal now. Such a struggle to WORK. In preparation for Father's Day tomorrow WORK certainly came to mind. WORK was such an honorable thing in days gone by. We were taught to WORK for our daily bread. Fathers WORKED to take care of their families. Mothers WORKED to take care of their homes (families). We WORKED in our yards to beautify our homes/neighborhoods. We WORKED in our schools to help our teachers. We WORKED in uniforms to protect and serve our communities. WORKING, WORKERS all of it a very necessary component of wholeness. To WORK is our duty. Have you lost your job? There is still WORK to be done somewhere, in some form or fashion for someone. FOR EVEN WHEN WE WERE WITH YOU, THIS WE COMMANDED YOU, THAT IF ANY WOULD NOT WORK, NEITHER SHOULD HE EAT. 2 THESSALONIANS 3:10

Friday, June 15, 2012


PEACE is found by quietly entering into oneness with the source of all good. You must completely shut the world off in your mind to access this PEACE. Clearing away all mind clutter, worries, and guilt. Sweep all of the dust and debris of mindless chatter, other people's opinions and noise and just envision your mind space free and clean. Allow your mind to open and embrace the silence of emptiness. Now breathe. We are so accustomed to drowning out the still, quiet voice of PEACE. This self attained PEACE is available to you at all times. Even in the midst of chaos. Practice PEACE wherever and whenever you find yourself in need. Your PEACE is your own and gifted to you for your walk along THE WAY. The art of PEACE (once acquired) will enable you to maintain your personal dignity in any situation. PEACE will abide within you if you make PEACE welcome. May the PEACE which surpasses all understanding be your cloak, protecting and perfecting you. PEACE I LEAVE WITH YOU. MY PEACE I GIVE UNTO YOU. NOT AS THE WORLD GIVETH, GIVE I UNTO YOU. LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED, NEITHER LET IT BE AFRAID. JOHN 14:27

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Be not bowed by ADVERSITY. Its very presence in your life serves as a testament to your will. The will to bunker down, prepare your soul for battle and emerge victorious! You will never know The Way until you have endured and triumphed over adversity. I guarantee you one thing, consider ADVERSITY your personal Agent 6 as you journey through this matrix called life. Your soul is NEO (remember who you are as Neo did in the movie). ADVERSITY can come upon you ever so softly beguiling you to tread the path or ADVERSITY can attempt to devour you randomly, completely without warning. Are you physically sick today? Emotionally sick today? Financially sick today? Is all around you sick today? Each one of us has been measured a portion of ADVESITY for our journey. But be not bowed by ADVERSITY! Bunker down, prepare your soul for battle and emerge victorious! Read the Book. You win! BLESSED be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight. Psalm 144:1

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Truth can be manipulated by the skilled and made to fit the reality of the moment. However, it hovers over the ruse emitting waves of caution for the wise. I wrote this little tidbit back in 2000 and I had no earthly idea the various ways in which this statement would unfold in my life. I'm a bit embarrased to admit I truly assumed those closest to me would mirror the ways in which I've embraced TRUTH in my life (the measure by which I've always tried to operate). Unfortunately, TRUTH can and will be manipulated by the skilled. The TRUTH is. No more or less. I've always known the TRUTH of every situation I've been in. I've even made TRUTH fit the reality of whatever moment I was in too but deep, deep, deep down in my soul the TRUTH was always there. Consoling, admonishing or victorious, but there. Never wavering. It was I who wavered from or to whatever TRUTH needed to be in my life at the time. I've been horribly wounded by different manipulations of TRUTH at the hands of many people in my life. TRUTH remained no matter the condition I was left in. TRUTH has no favorites nor does TRUTH operate from a tainted perspective. TRUTH has always been, will always be and simply is. TRUTH Behold, thou desirest TRUTH in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. Psalm 51:6