Friday, February 15, 2013

Black History Month

I bless our Black Men, Buffalo Soldiers as Bob Marley tried to tell us through song. If I could touch each Black Brother I see and tell them that in spite of all of the oppression, the collective box society has tried to place them in, they are indeed the MOST EXQUISITE ADDITION TO THE HUMAN RACE EVER. So mighty in form, so absolutely beautiful. Society has labeled the Black Man as Menace, Baby Daddy (never father – a blatent lie) Bafoon, Ignorant and the Black Woman’s dumping ground. A Black man is dreaded, an entity to run from and to fear their uncontrollable desires. However, look around. A bi-racial man is our President. He self identifies as a Black Man. The last has become first. Our Black Men must first be HEALED. They’ve been put upon, lied on, disrespected, lynched (literally and figuratively) and many are simply walking along the well worn path. The path of least resistance. The path everyone expects the Black Man to tread. I offer a poem to all of my Black KINGS. I dedicate to my Husband,Father, Brother, Nephews and beautiful Black Men in my life: BLACK MAN Give me your whole self. Not the part of you that has been dusted off, cleaned up and made new. I want the pieces of you that have been disillusioned, disappointed and discouraged. The parts of you that lie awake deep in the night crying bitter tears. The man who feels pressured by the system but keeps keeping on daily. I want the man who suffers from deep-seated, institutional racism. The man who others see and clutch purses tighter, lock car doors, leave elevators or otherwise assume you mean them harm. I want the man whose walk, whose talk, whose essence is always emulated but can never be duplicated as nothing truly exquisite ever is. Through all the pain, all the humiliation, all the negativity, our men have to be held. We must bring order where there is disarray because we are their help-mate. We must piece together what was stolen from us long ago on hot Mississippi nights. We can go back to the beginning when we were taught a new lanquage and forced to wear tattered rags concealing our blackness. Before our skin tones were watered down and turned into the melange of colors by the cruel, pale hands of fate. We can take the ragged pieces of you that were forged during the middle passage and painstakingly piece you together again. We need to restore you to your original brilliance. The time has come for us to embrace the whole of you. To honor your struggle and restore you to your rightful headship. Only then can we begin to heal what is wrong with our families and truly comprehend love noir.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Farewell Pope

I'm not Catholic but reading the news my heart was incredibly heavy for all of the Catholic faithful. I literally prayed for this Pope's soul. I believe the Pope couldn't take another minute of waking up to all of that pomp and circumstance, the blessings, pontificating and the likes for this filthy, honey boo-boo obsessed world. No matter what any of us believe individually, 5% of the entire population knows the complete truth of this world. We were all, each and every one of us, fed a complete misrepresentation of all things SPIRITUAL, NOT RELIGIOUS. Big difference. Religion is EXPENSIVE and designed to oppress and control through guilt. The life YOU are living right now is the LIFE you need to concern YOURSELF with. This IS YOUR HEAVEN OR HELL. YOU are YOUR own WORST ENEMY/DEVIL. Although there is REAL EVIL ENERGY in this world just as there is POSITIVE ENERGY in this world. There was an ENLIGHTENED, HOLY individual who walked this earth a long time ago, tapped into the complete POSITIVE ENERGY of this UNIVERSE which endowed him with all POWER (the power to HEAL, SAVE, LOVE.....). We have all been gifted with that same power. It begins with SELF. HEALING SELF, LOVING SELF and in turn PROJECTING that LOVE collectively for a better humanity. He Himself warned us to beware of those who would charge us for the knowledge of the Universe. To be as sheep, listening for the Shepherd's voice. The POPE realized he didn't need the giant hat and septre to get that point across. I wish him LOVE and LIGHT for the rest of HIS journey. Perhaps the MASSES will use their own hard earned money to fix up their personal situations (the UNIVERSE doesn't need the 10% cut) and start by LOVING, without judgment, one person at a time. One LOVE everyone!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Did you know You are Divine? Such a personal experience though. Most people never, ever touch Divine or have any experiences with Divine. By choice actually. Great strength and surrender is necessary. It is much easier to wander through life accepting less than and recreating all of the lower experiences of this life. To touch Divine is frightening at first. It envelops you completely. Almost choking out your own existence or life force and absorbing yours into It. Since It IS, and ALWAYS HAS BEEN, AND ALWAYS WILL BE we tap into It. When we sit still enough and focus only on love without judgment or blame, then we are absorbed by/into Divine. After the fear of being completely lost in a full presence or entity other than your own, the light show of pinks and then pure WHITE LIGHT is AMAZING. The calm and feeling of LOVE with NO GUILT is amazing. You can not walk away the same. It is the PEACE that Passes All understanding spoken of by the One who was Divine. Encounters with Divine allow you to see through the veil of this life. That is why our poor world/planet has been suffering so. Too few encounters with our Divine Essense. Thankfully, there has been a shift in the Universe (which is both Male and Female by the way - lol) not the 2012 end of world shift hysteria. There is a palpable energy from Divine available to each and every one of us. An energy or knowledge that LOVE without Blame is what will HEAL us all and allow us to fully attain ALL that we need for our time here. We must PRACTICE WHAT WE KNOW AND HAVE LEARNED from our quiet time with DIVINE. Divine knowledge assures you that No Weapon Formed Against You shall prosper. You are more than a conqueror. You are Divine. Right now. Just as you are, in all of your brokeness. Arise! Pick up your mat and walk! Create the experiences in this life worthy of the Light within. You are Divine!