Monday, February 11, 2013

Farewell Pope

I'm not Catholic but reading the news my heart was incredibly heavy for all of the Catholic faithful. I literally prayed for this Pope's soul. I believe the Pope couldn't take another minute of waking up to all of that pomp and circumstance, the blessings, pontificating and the likes for this filthy, honey boo-boo obsessed world. No matter what any of us believe individually, 5% of the entire population knows the complete truth of this world. We were all, each and every one of us, fed a complete misrepresentation of all things SPIRITUAL, NOT RELIGIOUS. Big difference. Religion is EXPENSIVE and designed to oppress and control through guilt. The life YOU are living right now is the LIFE you need to concern YOURSELF with. This IS YOUR HEAVEN OR HELL. YOU are YOUR own WORST ENEMY/DEVIL. Although there is REAL EVIL ENERGY in this world just as there is POSITIVE ENERGY in this world. There was an ENLIGHTENED, HOLY individual who walked this earth a long time ago, tapped into the complete POSITIVE ENERGY of this UNIVERSE which endowed him with all POWER (the power to HEAL, SAVE, LOVE.....). We have all been gifted with that same power. It begins with SELF. HEALING SELF, LOVING SELF and in turn PROJECTING that LOVE collectively for a better humanity. He Himself warned us to beware of those who would charge us for the knowledge of the Universe. To be as sheep, listening for the Shepherd's voice. The POPE realized he didn't need the giant hat and septre to get that point across. I wish him LOVE and LIGHT for the rest of HIS journey. Perhaps the MASSES will use their own hard earned money to fix up their personal situations (the UNIVERSE doesn't need the 10% cut) and start by LOVING, without judgment, one person at a time. One LOVE everyone!

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